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Experience Coding With STEAM

Makebot’s Experiential Learning Course

Makebot’s Experiential Learning Course has been designed to offer learners a clear grasp of concepts through experience using technology as a tool to understand and apply their learning. It encompasses a right blend of Technology and the STEAM elements, giving a unique experience to young minds and opening opportunities to understand, comprehend and apply this knowledge practically. The courses are scientifically graded according to K-12 curriculum.

Experiential Learning Programs

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This program is for children of age group 4-7 years. It engages students with skill based experiential learning, where students learn basics of life-skils including motor skills, instruction handling, colors, light, gestures, behavioral, expressions... Learn More
RS 6640.50 Price Per Class Rs ***
RS 14990.00
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Mbot Robot Kit: Mbot Is An Educational Kit For Beginners(Kid) To Get Hands-On Experience About Graphical Programming, Electronics And Robotics. It Is An All-In-One Solution For Robotics Learning And Designed For Stem Education Contracted But Not S... Learn More
RS 5691.00 Price Per Class Rs ***
RS 12990.00
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It is an easy-to-use main control board specially designed for mBot. Based on Arduino Uno, mCore integrates various onboard sensors, such as buzzer, light sensor, RGB LED, etc., which provides you an easier way to start learning electronics. Easy... Learn More
RS 5690.50 Price Per Class Rs ***
RS 12990.00