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Experience Coding With STEAM

Makebot’s Experiential Learning Course

Makebot’s Experiential Learning Course has been designed to offer learners a clear grasp of concepts through experience using technology as a tool to understand and apply their learning. It encompasses a right blend of Technology and the STEAM elements, giving a unique experience to young minds and opening opportunities to understand, comprehend and apply this knowledge practically. The courses are scientifically graded according to K-12 curriculum.

Experiential Learning Programs

Experiential Learning With Life Skill Mapping

Experiential Learning With Life Skill Mapping

How Are We Different?
Our Approach - 3 Pillars Of Experiential Learning

Cognitive (Mind)

  • Think, create & innovate solutions
  • Troubleshoot real life problems
  • Recognize, interpret & apply concepts
  • Evaluate, Formulate & Judge processes
  • Learn to differentiate & analyze

Psychomotor (Physical)

  • Build & control projects
  • Draw & design activities
  • Organizational skills
  • Play and learn technology
  • Prepare & process instructions

Affective (Behavioural)

  • Create mistakes and learn
  • Acceptance of failure
  • Act of participation in activities
  • Listen, obey & practice
  • Attentiveness towards multiple instructions

#Programs also touch upon 21st century skills including Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration

Our Trainers

Our Trainers

Our STEAM certified educators bring core practices of inquiry-driven, experiential pedagogy, and authentic assessment as tools for instruction and curriculum design during the program.

Through exploration and implementation of innovative pedagogical practices, our educators create classrooms in which science, technology, engineering, arts and math are integrated into an engaging, coherent whole.

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